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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 31, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and very humid, with temperatures watching very slowly to the 80's. >> do not forget you can get the current temperature and check the raider by going to our website, >> and that he was felt all over the region, -- that he was felt all over the region, especially -- that heat was felt all over the region, especially at a memorial day ceremony. >> there has been a festival all today. earlier a marine was honored. he was born right here at falls church. that is enough to make him a hometown hero. >> whose bright stripes and
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bright stars -- >> these of the grandparents of an army specialist. he was killed in afghanistan at just 21-years old. the kid who loved beer and humvees, whose heart was so big he gave away the care packages his family gave him, had just started his second tour in afghanistan when his remote outpost was overrun by 300 taliban. he and seven others died. beyond pride here, there is also anger. >> i think the afghani soldiers who were in camp with them gave
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them up to the taliban. they had no food, a little water, and very little ammunition. >> we remember him for his heroic actions and sacrifice. >> i think of him 100 times a day. we want to make something of that. >> he did what he had to do to save some of his buddies. i think we all need to adjust our lives in that way. >> he is indeed fit native of falls church to die in -- the fifth falls church needed to die in the conflict. his little brother is going to afghanistan in august.
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>> vice president joe biden is the scene there. he is presenting a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington cemetery. the vice president praised the country's troops, calling them the finest military the world has ever seen. lightning, rain and high winds caused president obama to cancel his plans at the abraham lincoln cemetery. he was expected to speak and lay a wreath on this holiday weekend. in the meantime, in the washington area, there was sunshine but hot, humid weather for the annual memorial day parade downtown. >> i know you know how hot it was because you were out here as well today. for decades, the nation's capital had not had a memorial day parade.
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it is back. thousands of brave to the heat to remember this patriotic moment. the memorial day parade returned to washington, d.c. for yet another year. people lined the streets and waved the flag, remembering those who lost their lives to save our freedom. >> people have done a lot to defend our country, and i recognize that. >> they remembered all of the wars, from the first one, right up until the conflict today. among the attendees, was this only survivor of a conflict in world war ii to. >> i wear this metal to honor their marines from the island of iwo jima. >> among the attendees were
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also actors who have played soldiers. >> i do not want to forget our heroes. i think our nation owes them a great debt. >> a big part was just patriotism among many who came to remember. >> i come from a family of veterans from four wars. >> or parent. these people from california came to cheer their kids in the hometown band. >> the heat took its toll on those at the parade today. metro fire reports that it evaluated dozens of spectators and took at least 10 people to area hospitals. >> you definitely could not escape the humidity at there. faugh before the parade, dignitaries and on -- before the parade, dignitaries and honorees met for a special reception.
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abc 7 is a sponsor of the national memorial day parade. >> several rows are shut down following two accidents. park police say the first accident involving a truck and a car. prince george's county police say the other incident involved a moving truck. it was a few miles north of the greenbelt road. there were no reports of injuries. the search continues for two girls from bethesda who have been missing since friday. they left their school in the middle of the day and have not been seen since. >> and we are following a developing story now about a man in critical condition after being shot in chinatown.
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people in the area are very nervous. >> this has been alarming for residents. according to the police report, the shootings stems from an argument between two groups of the teens. the 16-year-old is fighting for his life. chinatown residents heard the gunshots just before it 10:30 p.m. last night. this woman lives just one block away. after hearing those shots, she came out of her apartment and saw this scene. she was upset to learn that the victim was a 16-year-old boy. he was shot with a handgun in his right hand -- his right hip. >> i know there are a lot of conflict in that area. it is scary. >> others say that the area does
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not seem prone to violence like this. >> there is a lot of security around here. there are a lot of police officers. the fire department is just down the street. >> generally you feel safe? >> yes. >> in fact, an off-duty officer working overtime heard the shots and was the first on the scene. when he got to the intersection, he sought to group people carrying the victim across the street. he says the 16-year-old was bleeding profusely. >> as parents, we want to know where our kids are. we hope they will be safe at 10:00 p.m. >> at last check, that boy is in critical condition. officers are still looking for the gunmen. >> bros is. it turned out that was not the only problem -- and thank you. it turns out that was not the only problem last night.
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two other men were in shot last night. >> in the gulf of mexico, bp officials say it could be two more months before the leak is stopped. we are live it with a look at what comes next. >> some fascinating pictures from under water right now. this is all leading up to when they are going to cut back oil pipe. they're going to put a containment dome on top. they tried this a couple of weeks ago with a large dome that did not work. they are going to try again with a smaller one. >> it is the next attempt to stop the oil flow. robotic arms went down today to begin cutting smaller pipe attached to the larger one. it will eventually be cut evenly so that this alcan rest on top-rated -- this valve can
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rest on the top. >> this is tragic. i have lived here all my life. >> failure this time could make the oil flow even worse. researchers are reporting massive underwater oil it seems that region for miles. -- ceoo denies the claim denies the claim. >> i would say that prices have gone up probably 25% across the board. >> another sobering sign of how massive the problem is, even large like hotels that can accommodate 800 workers, and military are joining the cleanup
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effort. >> we have national card -- national car that can be called in in larger numbers. -- national guard that can be called in in larger numbers. >> oil is expected to increase by up to 20% after that large pipe is cut. hurricane season is about to begin. , what is behind the sudden disappearance of two hard working mothers? >> and the right of a lifetime. >> news in the fight against breast cancer. >> what are people buying at all of those mem
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>> we are still following is some breaking news about two separate accidents, one of them involving a moving truck. it shut down the parkway near greenbelt road. we are live there with the very latest. what is the situation?
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>> on the parkway going north, things just opened up a minute ago. the accident was actually a series of accidents. an individual was first pinned in the car. the fire department had to rescue the individual and send him to a nearby hospital. the second accident happened about a mile down the road. it was less severe. two cars were involved in that crash. the drivers were apprehended in our county. the police department is on the way and will give us more details. that is all we have for the moment. >> thank you for updating us on that breaking news. we will check back with you for more information. >> if you spend part of the holiday weekend shopping, you were not alone. >> memorial day sales are bringing people out to the malls and shopping centers. we are live at the potomac mall
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in alexandria. tell us what people are actually buying out there. >> believe it or not, i was at this shopping center a year ago today doing this same story. what we are seeing is that people are shopping and spending money. if you take a look in the newspaper, it is sale after sale after sale. discount and deals are everywhere you turn. retailers are trying to get you in their doors with good buys on big items, like flat screen tvs. stores are matching prices of the competition tuesday in the game. >> -- to stay in the game. >> i did not intend to buy anything, but i came in and saw us sale. >> stores are expecting a record-breaking sales. >> these are good deals.
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>> stores like target and best buy are slashing prices on their summer stock. these sales go all the way to the electronics. >> i spent about two hundred dollars. >> did you expect to spend that? >> no. >> getting a deal today might mean making a second trip to the store. >> i like to go without the kids. >> we will get the figures on how much we have spent as a whole this memorial day weekend. stores are already getting ready for the next big sale, july 4th weekend. >> thank you. tourists in california are skipping the shopping and going
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to ski resorts. this month has been one of the coolest on record in california. there was enough snow out there for its ski resorts to reopen for the holiday weekend. >> all bundled up out there. you want to wear as little as possible out here today. >> our temperatures in the washington area are somewhat warmer than they have been. tomorrow is the beginning of the meteorological summer. it is also the beginning of hurricane season. we have air quality that is unhealthy for children, but the sky is pretty. as traffic settles down for the evening, air quality will improve. what will not improve our the temperatures. it is going to stay very warm
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and muggy. we have had some storms out there. let's take a look at the live doppler super 7 right now. we saw a few little storms in the vicinity of frederick, md. about an hour ago. most of the activity is outside the metro area. in the next hour or two, we might see at thunder or -- a thunderstorm pop. there is a cold front end storms across the great lakes. you can see the motion. all of the moisture is causing a trigger in the atmosphere. we will see more showers and storms for tomorrow. that is our forecast, by the way. in chevy chase, it is 90
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degrees. the elementary school had a high of 92 this afternoon. it is 87 degrees in martinsburg, west virginia. temperatures are spread mostly through the upper-80's 290-93 degrees. desgrees.93 check out the ocean city. they warmed up nicely. it was a beautiful day on the beaches. there is no cool air in sight. instead, we will have of flow of moist air out of the south. it will be kind of hot. we will get a break from the humidity on wednesday, but not from the heat. we will see showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. it will not be rainy all day. we will have some sun.
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clouds will be increasing in the afternoon and evening. we will have some isolated storms and thundershowers a later tonight. it will be up to 80 by noon tomorrow. we get a bit of a break on wednesday. it will still be in the upper- 80's, near 90. friday looks like a dry day, with temperatures in the mid- 80's. on the weekend, we have possibilities of more storms. >> thank you. tonight, 17 bachelors are still competing for love on "the bachelorette." one of them will have a date to remember. >> everyone can walk down hollywood boulevard. very few people can do what we are about to do next. >> i am very excited about it.
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>> you then go busting in at the gate. >> you will have to see who gets sent packing. that is denied it 8:00, followed by "true beauty -- that is tonight at 8:00, followed by "true beauty." >> of world war ii veteran's remarkable story of survival inside a german pow camp. >> doctors think they may have if i had to sit on the bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game, a couple minutes can mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. [ male announcer ] bayer's contour meter has programmable, personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows
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while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. >> we are on your side with the dramatic development in breast cancer research. doctors may have come up with a vaccine to treat and prevent the disease. >> i cannot really believed it yet. it is just amazing. >> this woman has staged four breast cancer and is hopeful that this is a new medicine will protect other women from the same struggle. >> we want to make sure that they do not get the disease. >> researchers at this cleveland clinic are testing a potential vaccine that they say
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prevent cancer tumors from forming and stops existing tumors in animals. it could do the same in humans, it could save thousands of lives. >> is so hard to stop the disease once it gets started. >> the vaccine works by targeting lactation proteins which are made breast plans. many have been diagnosed with the cancer are easy to -- are eager to sign up for the trial. >> i would like to hear more about the research that has been done, for the future, for women everywhere. >> if all goes well, testing on humans could start within the next year. >> that would be really good. coming up, big rock stars are in movies next month. we have more on that next. family members are concerned about two local brothers.
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it's more than just knowing their abc's. studies showhat good social and behavioral skills in young children lead to goodcademic performance in the first grade and beyond. nurturing hethy social and emotional devepmtn children sets them up for a lifetime of success. children's mental health matters -- -- becauset's more than just knowg thr abc's. wa to find out morabout how to help yourhiren learn, cialize, a grow? go to to learn more about helping your lile ones succeed in school. >> we are following some breaking news in montgomery county. police crews are looking for a mother and daughter who might have fallen in the potomac river. witnesses told police that the 14-year-old and her mother were on a rock and then somehow went
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into the water. that does not make sense. the search is in progress at this hour. we will keep you updated. >> some of voyagers and set out on a difficult trip today. they plan to bike 300 mi. over the next six days. >> this is a recovery program that helps injured veterans through the rehabilitation process. >> on today we honor our nation's fallen servicemen, scores of veterans gathered at fort myer to begin another journey. for the next six days, these wounded warriors will travel 350 mi. by bike in a program called "right to recover." -- "ride to recover." this individual returned from
5:31 pm
the war without of late. he will lead people on the journey. >> it is a continual recovery process. everyday you put 1 ft. in front of the other with a smile on your face. motto is "nom's arms, no legs, no problem." >> this will be a challenge, but i look forward to challenges. >> this general tells us that courage and resiliency define the men and women participating in at this challenge. this person had the courage to fight and the resilience to recover, and the will to live. this ride rules from mount vernon on sunday. >> you are just so proud to see that.
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a ceremony honoring african american service members was held today. an african american civil war memorial is being erected in northwest washington. this man was honored as someone who did not stop serving after he left the military. he was able to diffuse a bomb before it went off in times square. county fireorge's officials handed out fliers about carbon monoxide today. this is following a fatal incident over the weekend. carbon monoxide poisoning is being blamed for the debt of three young men who were found yesterday in a home on 38 avenue. officials say the gas powered generator was found running in the basement.
5:33 pm
this 44-year-old man and got caught by a truck, 30 ft. up in the air. he was initially able to communicate with fire officials. he slipped into unconsciousness and was pronounced dead later at a hospital. >> this trumpet player and singer was inducted into the hall of fame in 2008. >> to the prince william county brothers have not been seen in more than three weeks. the family members are worried that something really bad has happened to them. we have the story. >> it is a mystery everyone would like to sea salt, what happened to the brothers. -- would like to see solved,
5:34 pm
what happened to the brothers. the 32-year-old and 31-year-old or last seen on may 10th, two days after paying their rent for the apartment building where they had lived for many years. family members are concerned about what has happened to them. they got police involved right away. aside from their keys, cell phones and wallets, everything else was left in their apartment, including passports. their cars are still part in a lot. they have full-time jobs. they were working on getting their u.s. citizenship. a friend says that they were quiet, polite and friendly. >> they'd never did anything bad. they went to their job and came home. >> the idea that they traveled
5:35 pm
home has been discounted because their family has not heard from them. the detective says that while there is no foul play, because it has been 20 days since they had been reported missing, and their family in mexico has not heard from them, they believe that perhaps about play has occurred. -- fowl play has occurred. >> if you know anything at all about what might have happened to the brothers, please call 1- 866, 4117. >> we are watching the road for you on this holiday. >> things are moving pretty well on the major thoroughfares where we have cameras. in the district, new york avenue in both directions is now blocked because of a major
5:36 pm
structural fire. let's take a look a what is going on in virginia. there is pretty good traffic right here at the 95 interchange. there is no slow traffic right there. however, for the self 95 -- the south 95 northbound, everything that was closed is now clear. in maryland, we're going to see some very slow traffic near the baltimore washington parkway. at the beltway, we had a crash that had been closed down earlier. traffic is still slow. i am eric thomas at metro traffic. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a local world war ii veteran and shares his amazing story about how he was able to escape a german pow camp. -t( music playing )was able to - we know technology can make you more connected.
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i love to save on the brands i trust. that's where my p&g brandsaver comes in. [ male announcer ] you want smarter savings and better brands, and you'll get them with p&g brandsaver. just look in your sunday newspaper on june 6th. in it, you'll find an all-new p&g brandsaver with over $111 worth of savings. get more of what matters most to you. and for even more savings every month, go to >> the summer movie season is starting to heat up. >> we have a big list of a big name stars. >> june starts tomorrow, hard as it is to believe. here we go.
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june will have action remakes, a couple of comedies, a sci-fi thriller, and another episode of the vampire love triangle. >> good morning. >> what time is it? >> 5:00 a.m. >> john hill has the impossible task of bringing a rock star across the country. this is a movie about sex, drugs, rock and roll, and outrages are rated comedy. it opens june 4th -- r-rated comedy. it opens june 4th. the eighth team comes back june 11th. wil smith's son plays the karate kid june 11th.
5:41 pm
june 25th, adam sandler reunites with his childhood friends in "grown ups." "twilight: a clips -- eclips" returns june 24th. this weekend, shrek forever when the box office. so far, "iron man2" has won the biggest box office. >> did you go to "sex and the city's 2"? >> my sister made me promise to see it with her this weekend. >> you are a good sister.
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>> up next, the latest fad among kids. what schools are banning. >> i get down to 96 lbs.. >> coming up nex
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>> memorial day was marked with a solemn ceremony at the world war ii memorial today. a wreath was laid honoring the thousands of people who died. sadly, stories from the veterans of that war are disappearing. more and more of them have passed away. >> one local veteran recalls his time as a prisoner of war very clearly. he was captured when he was a 20-year-old lieutenant. he was sent to prison camp in poland. >> for baseball players and things like that, they would
5:46 pm
shake the dirt out of their pants and get tons of dirt out of the tunnel. >> escape was always on his mind. he and his fellow prisoners were always planning their getaway. they were tunneled diggers. he can remember in vivid detail the 19 months he sent as a prisoner in poland. he remembers his p.o.w. number, 1573. the germans did not force them to do manual labor. he says they never had enough food. >> i got down to 96 or 97 lbs. we were like monks in a theater production. if 1200 officers, many of which are college educated, you get a lot of talent. >> many of his buddies have died. >> all of them are gone except
5:47 pm
me. it is kind of sad. >> today he lives in a retirement community in virginia with his wife of 64 years. although he has celebrated many a memorial day, he is grateful for each of them. >> i remember all the sacrifices that friend of mine made, that we made. it makes you feel appreciated that people do celebrate memorial day. >> he did eventually escape from the germans in 1945. he and his fellow prisoners got into germany. the russians who rescued him forced him and other americans to fight alongside them for two months before they were allowed to leave. >> an incredible story. the national world war ii memorial will start collecting
5:48 pm
the names and stories of veterans. >> we have breaking news coming in from northeast washington. firefighters are on the 1300 block of new york ave. we are live on the scene. this has forced part of new york avenue to shut down. we will keep you posted. >> we are on your side with a warning that a toxic during could be spreading across the nation's cities. this relatively new strain has been making the rounds in hospitals. in arizona at least 10 people have been infected since march. the strain has probably spread through the other large cities as well. wash your hands and do not take antibiotics. on the one in 10 people survived seven heart attacks. new research found that
5:49 pm
residents of poor, less educated neighborhoods are two to three times more likely to have a heart attack. one of the reasons, according to the research, is that your residents are trained to perform potentially lifesaving cpr. >> some teachers are banning a new craze in their classroom. they are bracelets that come in the shape of animals or super heroes. they are popular among boys and girls, but some schools are banning them because they say they are distracting into the classroom. teachers claim the band could actually cut off circulation. >> it is funny how trends and recycle. it looked similar to the jelly bracelets that we used to wear. >> some of you did. on's see what's coming up abc 7 news.
5:50 pm
>> we have a look ahead. >> we have a very serious story. israeli commandos say they were attacked first. tonight, there are protests on the streets of d.c. and london as many countries condemn israel for their attack. coming up at 6:00, the white house reaction to all of this. plus, you could soon get more money from the airlines. we will tell you how much more at 6:00. >> thank you. >> you learn something new every day. >> let's check in with an doug hill who has been following the weather. >> showers have been quite a few but far between. we will show you the storms.
5:51 pm
we have a pretty heavy one just west of the metro area. they're kind of traveling from the south of the valley. it is a hazy, hot and humid. a large number of storms are scattered all over the place. another big batch is developing across the great lakes. all of this is headed in our direction. tomorrow afternoon we have a higher probability of showers and storms. temperature is the big story for the moment. it feels like it is 92. it is 89 in alexandria. temperatures across the region continue in the upper-80's to the low-90's. tomorrow high pressure is building across the great lakes. we will have to deal with showers and thunderstorms in
5:52 pm
these hot and humid conditions. we want to point out if we could that the national weather service has just issued a severe thunderstorm warning for frederick county in virginia. that storm we just showed you, virginia, you're now under a severe thunderstorm warning. back to you. >> we are going to check in with some action happening at the rise and center. >> -- the verizon center. >> the local basketball star worked out with the wizards at today. he may be wearing a different jersey, but he is back on and the courts and in that familiar territory. today he joined four other
5:53 pm
standouts in a pre draft workout with the washington wizards. >> my first nba game was the wizard. it was here. that was so cool. >> he and a former michigan state guard are avoiding talk of a second round game. >> let's not talk about that. >> when we first saw each other, it was all smiles. >> gilbert arenas stopped by to take a look at things. >> i enjoy playing one-on-one with these boys. >> come draft day, he is focusing on one thing. >> i hope to have my dream come
5:54 pm
true. >> i hope to have my dream come true.
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wa to find out morabout how to help yourhiren learn, cialize, a grow? go to to learn more about helping your lile ones succeed in school. >> memorial day is often considered the unofficial start of summer. >> for many people, that means it is time to head up on at the water. we have a warning for your safety. >> a lot of folks are wrapping up their day on the water. a lot of boats have been out on the river. there have been a lot of police and firefighters on the river too. they are warning voters about their safety. -- boaters about their safety. this is not a good idea. this 16-year-old is behind his
5:58 pm
jet ski, which got away. the sergeant says that especially on a busy putting day, being without a license on the water could be deadly. according to the coast guard, there were nearly 4800 recreational boating accidents reported. 26 people who died were from maryland and virginia. 90% of those people were not wearing a life vest. trying to prevent those accidents, officers are checking for like that's -- life vests, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment. >> we have been doing safety vessel checks. we just want people to have a
5:59 pm
good time. >> police and firefighters encourage people to make sure they are wearing their life vests at all points while they are on the water. the other thing they are looking for closely is if anyone has had too much to drink while they are on the water. they cite alcohol as a leading factor in the fatal crashes every year. >> thank you. that is going to do it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 start right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> crews are searching for a mother and daughter who may have fallen into the river. >> montgomery county and fairfax fallen into the river. >> montgomery county and fairfax


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